Video On Demand (VOD) is a new way of enjoying your Astro, for free* as part of your subscription. Here’s what you can do by watching your show via VOD:

1. Pick and choose your show anytime of the day without needing to wait for your show to air.

2. Catch-up on episodes you’ve missed or binge-watch all episodes instantly.

3. Pause, rewind, or fast-forward to your favourite parts of the show.

4. Watch full uncut episodes.

5. No weather or other disruptions during your viewing time.

6. Browse our library of recommended shows for you based on your viewing history. Everything you see is free as part of your subscription.

7. To rent additional blockbuster movies on a pay-per-view basis, visit the ‘Store’ section in our VOD library.

Here’s how to access On Demand:

1. Connect your Astro PVR/Ultra Box to Wi-Fi or download the Astro GO app from here.

Click to download Astro GO app for free

2. Press Home on your remote and scroll to On Demand or login with your Astro ID via your Astro GO app.

3. Start streaming on your TV or Astro GO app anytime, anywhere.

* On Demand is FREE for customers with a Wi-Fi connected PVR/Ultra Box and Astro GO app. Entitlement is based on your subscription.

Note: You can also rent additional movies on a pay-per-view basis, all found in the Store.