If you're trying to  visit a website and it won't load, but others do, there could be a variety of causes. If the site itself is down, there's not much you can do but  wait.

If you can load the  site on other computers or devices (make sure you try different means of  connecting to the internet), there may be an issue with your computer or  network.

There are some quick fixes that will  solve most problems, but you may have to get your hands a little dirty.

1. Try loading the site on a different device.

Try loading the website on your phone or on another computer. If the website loads on the other device, the problem lies with your computer.

If the website doesn't load on another device, the problem is either with the network or the website itself.

2. Restart your computer.

Oftentimes, a simple reboot will fix the problem you're having. Reboot your computer and test the website again.

3. Try loading the site in a different browser.

There may be some settings configured incorrectly on your browser. Try a different web browser to see if you can load the website.

4. Temporarily disable your antivirus program.

Your antivirus software may be interfering with your ability to load certain websites.

Try disabling the software and then loading the site again. Make sure you enable it again once you have identified the problem.

5. Reset your modem and router.

Traffic to or from a certain website may be getting tripped up by your modem or router. Resetting these devices may allow you to access the website again.

6. Check your computer's date and time settings.

If your date or time is set incorrectly, you may not be able to  connect to secure (https://) websites.

Check your computer or mobile device's clock to make sure that it is  set to the correct time and date.

7. In the  event the problem persists, please provide below details for further escalation:

i. List of websites effected.

ii. Run the Speed Test  via LAN (cable) and Wi-Fi connection - Please click here for Speed Test guideline.

iii. Run the Traceroute Test - Please click here for Traceroute Test guideline.

iv. Run the Ping Test -  Please click here for Ping Test guideline.

Once you’ve gathered all the results, kindly send them all through the Feedback Form below.

Quick Info

A Speedtest is a service that provides free analysis of Internet access  parameters, such as connection data rate.

A Ping Test shows how long it takes for packets to reach host.

A Traceroute Test traces the route of packets to destination host from our  server.