1. Power reset (on & off) your Modem and Router.

2. Ensure standard physical connection (No 3rd party devices connected to decoder and modem).

3. Please connect your computer or laptop to your Astro Fibre router using LAN cable. Your LAN cable must be connected from the yellow port of Astro Fibre router (Any available port).

4. Once connected, open any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and etc.

5. On the address bar, type https://testmyline.astro.com.my/ and below page will appear.

6.Click "GO", and the test will begin.

The test is completed once both download and upload speeds are displayed.

Sample of the Speedtest result is shown below.

**Please ensure the snapshot includes a time stamp and network used either LAN cable or wireless (as per picture above)

7. Kindly screenshot or take a picture of the result, name it as "LAN Speedtest" for test using LAN cable (wired connection).

8. Repeat the test once again using WiFi connection (Please unplug your LAN cable and connect via wireless connection using your SSID).

9. Screenshot or take a picture of the result, name it as "WiFi Speedtest".