We would need you to  run few tests in order for us to understand your issue and to assist you in  fixing the problem.

You may proceed with  the troubleshooting steps below which should not require any longer than 15  minutes.

1. Please run each of  the tests according to your your Laptop/PC Software.

2. Compile the  pictures / screenshots of your test results in one file (i.e Microsof Word  document, PDF file) and attach them in the Support Ticket below in order for  us to assist you further:

  i. List of websites effected.          

  ii. Run the Speed Test via LAN (cable) and Wi-Fi connection - Please click here for Speed Test guideline.  

  iii. Run the Traceroute Test - Please click here for Traceroute Test guideline.          

  iv. Run the Ping Test -  Please click here for Ping Test guideline.

3. Once you’ve  gathered all the results, kindly send them all through the Feedback Form below.

Quick Info    

A Speedtest is a service that provides free analysis of Internet access  parameters, such as connection data rate.    

A Ping Test shows how long it takes for packets to reach host.    

A Traceroute Test traces the route of packets to destination host from our server.