STEP 1    

Choose your language preferences for both Menu Language and Info Language. Then, press "OK".

STEP 2    

Select you box operating mode and press "OK".

STEP 3    

Select the resolution supports by your TV and press "OK".

STEP 4    

Press "OK" to proceed to the next screen.

STEP 5  

Please select the LNB type and press "OK".

STEP 6    

Select this as the Entry Point and press "OK" to confirm your selection.

STEP 7    

Signal reading results for Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 screen will be displayed. Then, press "OK" to proceed to next screen.

STEP 8    

Select Yes, continue and press "OK" to connect to Wi-Fi network.

STEP 9    

Please wait while the box scanning for the available Wi-Fi network.

STEP 10    

Select your Wi-Fi network and navigate to "Connect".

STEP 11    

Please enter the password to connect to your network and press "OK".

STEP 12    

You are successfully connected when this screen appears.