1. Please standby  computer/laptop to access to the internet and connection must be via LAN  (cable) [Connect the LAN (cable) to the yellow port in Maxis Router and  direct to computer/laptop].

2. You may open any web browser such as  Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and etc.

3. On the address bar, please go to and below page  will appear.

If below box appear, please enter  required details:

USERNAME: Administrator


(These are the defaults, if you have done previous configuration on  your router the password may be different)

4. Once enter into  the page ‘’TECHNICOLOR TG784N V3’’, you may follow below steps to get the  best wireless channel information.

A. Select "Home Network".

B. Click "WLAN: SSID" to proceed to next screen.

C. In order to get the best wireless channel, click "Wireless Scan" to scan available surroundings wireless Channel.

D. Please choose channel with lesser  number of usage.

Example in below case, you may  choose channel 4.

5. To configure  wireless channel, please proceed with below steps.

A. Select "Home Network".

B. Click "WLAN: SSID" to proceed to next screen.

C. Then, click "Configure" to change the channel selection (automatic to manual) and  other configuration option.

D. Please ensure below items:

i. WLAN Enable: Tick

ii. Interface Enable: Tick

iii. Change the Channel Selection to Manual

iv. Change the wireless Channel based on Step 4(D).

v. Once completed the selection, click the "Apply" button.

Router will auto  reboot and connection re-establish after few minutes.