The Download function offers an alternative to streaming so that you can watch TV shows and movies offline anywhere.

You can start downloading a movie/TV show by clicking on the “Download” button. Kindly note that you can only download one title at the time. Other titles will be in queue and will start downloading automatically as soon as the first download is complete.

Once you have downloaded a title, the progress icon will show “Complete” and you may find your downloaded content by checking “My Library” > “Downloads”.

*To save on data usage, we recommend downloading via Wi-Fi.

Downloaded content retention periods vary according to the type of content.

1. Each movie – minimum 2 Days

2. Each TV series episode - minimum 7 Days

The number of days left for you to view your content in offline mode is shown for each piece of downloaded content for your reference. Expired content will be automatically deleted from the app, freeing up your device storage.