Step 1: Press the Home button on your remote control

Step 2: Select Settings

Step 3: Select Display

Step 4: Select TV Settings

Step 5: Choose between the following TV Settings:

              TV Type <standard definition="" hd=""></standard>

              TV Aspect Ratio <4:3 16:9=""></4:3>

              Conversion for 4:3 or 16:9 Input Video

                        For TV Aspect Ratio 4:3 the options are Letterbox, Cut Edges, and Fit to screen

                        For TV Aspect Ratio 16:9 the options are Pillar box, LB Expand, and Fit to screen

* The <high definition=""> option will only be activated when the HDMI cable is connected to your TV</high>

Step 6: Once you have selected the right settings, press the Back/OK button on your remote control to confirm.