Once your Plug & Play Box has been activated, a courier service will reach out to you within TWO (2) weeks for a time for them to pick up the old Astro box and SIM card/Smartcard.

  1. Ensure that all cables have been plugged out of the old Astro box. To remove the white satellite cable from your old Astro box, simply hold the cable, twist, and gently pull.
  2. Set aside these items to be ready for our delivery partner to pick up from you:
  • Old Astro Box
  • Old Astro Smartcard/SIM Card (leave this in your Astro Box)
  1. When a courier arrives at your residence, do confirm that they are collecting items on behalf of Astro.
  2. Allow the courier to check the serial number of the Astro box.
  3. Hand them all the items for return, and you’re done!