You must subscribe to an Astro subscription (NJOI customers are not eligible) in order to get the Ulti Box.

The eligibility criteria for the Ulti Box are as follows:

New Customers

All new Astro customers with a monthly subscription fee of below RM100 will be entitled to select the Ulti Box upon signing up for Astro’s packages.

Existing Customers (Box Upgrade for Primary or Multiroom)

Existing customers are required to have an internet connection at home with a recommended internet speed of 10Mbps and above in order to upgrade your existing box to Ulti Box.


·      Existing Ultra Box customers are not eligible for a swap to the Ulti Box.

·      If your existing box is a PVR, you will lose access to all the recordings stored in the PVR

Multiroom (New subscription)

Customers subscribing for an additional multiroom subscription are entitled to select the Ulti Box as part of the subscription.