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What is On Demand (OD) Entertainment and how can I access OD?

On Demand (OD) is the new way of enjoying entertainment. OD by Astro enables Malaysians to personalize their TV viewing experience at their convenience - pick and choose our favourite shows from a rich choice of content including the latest box office movies and complete seasons of TV series and watch them instantaneously on your TV, and mobile devices via Astro On The Go.
There are three types of On Demand services:
  1. OD Free – A free service which allows us to catch-up on a selection of aired programmes based on our subscribed packages
  2. OD Plus – A monthly On Demand subscription which contains a library of unique movies, complete box-sets of TV Series as well as a sizable library of kids' content
  3. OD Store – A pay-per-view service where we may browse and purchase the movies of our choice, within the comforts of our home


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